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25-180 m3/h concrete batching plant,concrete mixing plant in China.Good quality machines for concrete plant.High yield and low consumption, cheap and durable.Has been imitated, never been exceeded.

Professional 500L-3000L Concrete Mixer,,provide JS and JZC type concrete mixing machines.Focus on concrete mixer industry for more than 30 years,Not the most professional, only more professional.

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Mix Cycle Time(s) :60
Measurement(m) :44*30*41
Total Power(KW) :26.1
Mixer Model :JS500
Theory Productivity(m3/h) :≥25


CamelWay JS500 concrete mixer could work independently or in HZS25 concrete batching plant with PLD1200. It is widely used in various construction projects with adjustable discharge heights. High-resistant manganese steel alloys plates, blades and metal parts are produced in CamelWay workshops


Motor and Reducer
1、18.5kw mixing motor;
2、All metal parts are produced in CamelWay metal-processing workshops;
3、Mainly made of steel, high overload capacity
4、Durable heat- treatment reducer gears .



Mixing Drum

1、Exclusive twin extra-heavy shafts comparing with all suppliers;
2、Extra-heavy parts: 8mm plates, 8mm drum body, 130mm shafts;
3、High-resistant manganese steel alloys;
4、Mixing all kinds of materials, especially cobblestones.



Shaft End Sealing

1、Equipped with imported components;
2、Good tightness with abrasive rubber;
3、Multilevel shaft seal designs to avoid slurry leakage.


Control Cabinet

1、Firm cabinet made of high quality steel;
2、Easy operation, high efficiency;
3、 Low cost & easy maintenance;
4、Good heat dissipation performance.




1、Winch motor: high overload capacity, large starting torque;
2、Stable steel material ensures safe braking;
3、Work continually, adjust and maintain conveniently;
4、Easy operation with simple structure.



Model JS500
Discharging Volume 500L
Charging Volume 800L
Capacity(m3/h) 25
Max.Aggregate Size(mm) ≤40/50
Discharge Height(m) 3.8
Weight(Ton) 4
Cycle Time(s) 60
Mixing Blades Speed(r/min) 35
Quantity 2×7
Mixing Motor Model Y180M-4
Power(KW) 18.5
Winch Motor Model YEZ132S-4
Power(KW) 5.5
Water Pump Motor Model BLl2-12-1.1
Power(KW) 1.1

Exclusive Extra-Heavy Type vs Standard Type
Body Material Specification difference between two types

JS500 Drum Ends Drum Body Hopper Manganese Steel Liner Channel Steel Slide-way Shaft Diameter
Standard 5.5mm 4.5mm 4.5mm 8mm 120mm 90mm
Extra-Heavy 8mm 8mm 4.5mm 10mm 120mm 130mm

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