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Professional 500L-3000L Concrete Mixer,,provide JS and JZC type concrete mixing machines.Focus on concrete mixer industry for more than 30 years,Not the most professional, only more professional.

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Construction date:8/25/2014
Location:Tarma, Peru
Mixer model:JS1500 Concrete Mixer
Category:Concrete Batching Plant
Theoretical productivity:90m3/h



Projects’ Description

The customer found CamelWay machines from our websites and we made an agreement after two weeks’ negotiation. The city of Tarma is located in the center of the Tarma Province; 232 kilometers east of the city of Lima in Peru, in the mountain ranges of the Andes.
Two sets of HZS90 concrete batching plants were delivered to Tarma on August 25th, 2014 to build a bridge between two towns, which is crucial to the local transport conditions.

Customers’ Evaluations

The customers were impressed by our timely service and rich experience in producing concrete batching plant.

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