How do I select a concrete batching plant?
A1, The performance label of construction concrete, so as to choose what kind of mixer host. Such as water conservancy project must chose twin shaft forced type concrete mixer. In addition, the concrete batching machine and cement silo should be selected according to the types of concrete materials.
2, The construction tasks and duration period, use of these two parameters to choose the size of the concrete batching plant. The transportation of finished concrete should also be considered in the selection. For example: direct pumping or vehicle delivery. The volume of the transport vehicle is also an important basis for deciding the type of mixing plant.
3, The construction quantity and construction period, when the site required one-time pouring concrete in large quantities, high quality requirements, and no concrete batching plant nearby, the best choice is two sets small batching plant, or choose a pair of double principal preparation.
4, When the site traffic is inconvenience, the maintenance staff need to spend a lot of time on entering and leaving site, the best choice is two smaller size of concrete plant, or to prepare enough spare parts, so as to ensure the smooth progress of construction.
5, The transport distance, when the construction site is dispersed, but the distance between the site is not too far, concrete mixer truck transport radius is not more than 30 minutes, dump truck delivery is not more than 10 minutes. It is better to adopt multiple concentration agitation to improve the utilization ratio of the mixing plant and the economic benefit of the construction.
How can I use a concrete batching plant with high efficiency?
A1, Make sure that the machine and the surrounding environment are clean.
2, Get rid of the product material residual inside the hopper in time, make the sensor back to zero normally.
3, Check the lubricating oil of every lubricating point, the oil mist detector of gas circuit system should maintain enough oil.
4, Check and adjust the cylinder, solenoid valve and butterfly valve, make them open and closed up to the mustard.
5, Check the system frequently, if the system has the problem of ash, gas, oil and electricity leaking, you should handle this problem in a time.
6, The mixer and the hopper should be cleaned every four hours in order to avoid residual concrete consolidation and interfere the normal operation.
7, Each class should be put off the internal water of air compressor, air tank and filter, and eliminate the faults in the operation.
8, The maintenance of the butterfly valve, mixer, electromagnetic valve, air filter, oil mist device should be in accordance with the relevant specifications.
What should we Pay attention to when using concrete mixers?
AIn the course of the using concrete mixers for sale, maybe some problems often occur, so when using concrete mixer, the operator should pay attention to some aspects, it is particularly important to be careful in the inspection before and during work.
1. If the concrete mixer is fixed type, it should be installed on a solid bench. When used for a long time, the anchor bolts should be embedded. If it is for short-term use, layout the sleeper under the base and leveling stable.
2. If the concrete mixer is mobile type, it should be installed on a flat hard floor with a square or stent rack, and keep the level tire is not force. If the use of time more than three months, the tire should be properly unloaded to ensure that the end of the shaft should be clean anti-rust work.
3. If the concrete mixers for sale need to dig the hopper pit, around the pad should be tightened to prevent the ground water into the pit. The bottom end of the loading track frame shall be compacted or tiled, and the back of the frame shall be supported by wood to prevent deformation of the working rail.
How do I maintain the electrical control system of concrete batching plant?
AThe electric control system of concrete batching plant is regards as the core of the whole equipment. Only a small problem can result to the machine stop running and delay the construction period. So the maintenance of electric control system is the key of concrete batching plant maintenance! Generally, there are 5 aspects.
1, lightning protection and grounding.
2, electrical connections.
3, weighing system maintenance.
4, electrical safety.
5, protection and inspection of outdoor electrical equipment.
What is the Operation steps and precautions of concrete mixers for sale?
AFirst, the concrete mixer operation steps.
1, Set the function switch on the column to “automatic” position, press the controller on the start switch, the entire operation program will automatically control the operation.
2, The operation program stop automatic after the whole process is completed, if it need to stop in the running process, you can press the stop button and then restart.
3, Press the start button, the display began to show the time, slow rate, add sand, fast rate, stop, running lights flash on time.
4, When automatic control, the manual function switch must be set to stop position.

Second, notes of using concrete mixers for sale.
1, Check the gap between the blade and the pot wall with the measurement gauge, the data should be 3mm ± 2mm, if the gap is too poor, you can adjust the upper and lower leaves to reach the required range.
2, After operation every time, the mixing leaves, the pot should be promptly clean, electrical parts should avoid severe vibration, away from the water and high temperature, pay attention to dust.
3, The maintenance is strictly prohibited during operation. When maintain the mixer, you must put the power off, lock the brake box, hanging “strictly prohibited closing” card, and someone to monitor.

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