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With the upgrading of technology and engineering mechanization, concrete mixer has been constantly used in various projects. Concrete mixer has simple structure, low energy consumption, discharge sensitive, small noise, etc., but failure will damage the user’s interests, following aiming at the common problems we CamelWay sum up a series of response measures.

Mechanical failure

1 Phenomena

Common mechanical failure like that: the shaft end leakage, bearing damage, mixing blades, liner breaking loose, the (lifting)enhancing the steel wire rope fracture, knot, enhancing track deformation and damage, the belt pulley damage, all kinds of load-bearing parts damage, etc..

2 Causes

①Human factors. The operator is not timely maintain the equipment, many a little fault make a mickle, causing irreparable damage to the parts.

②vulnerable parts damaged. Vulnerable components achieve the end of the service life, but no timely replacement.

3 Solutions

①Establishment of mechanical maintenance system. Establish and improve the mechanical repair system, contain sub-system of planned maintenance and preventive maintenance system, pay attention to maintenance and repair, prevention first.

②wear parts responses. Mainly maintenance emphasis in the liner, steel wire rope and end seal the three directions.

Hydraulic System Fault

1. Symptom

Hydraulic system pressure is insufficient, high oil temperature, hydraulic oil contaminated, flow ripple, serious noise, no response valve, pipeline leaks and others.


Hydraulic system failure for many reasons, because there are more than one control element.

3. Solution

① when there is insufficient hydraulic pressure, repair the pump.

② When the steering inaccuracies, it need to be adjusted over.

③ when the speed is too low, upgrade the speed.

④ When the hydraulic oil viscosity is not enough, replace the standard hydraulic oil and hydraulic oil should be selected according to the temperature of the hydraulic fluid label construction site.

⑤ When the spill occurred within the vent, timely replacement relief valve.

Circuit Fault

1. Symptom

Motor damage, insurance burn, control transformers burn, water supply timer malfunction.

2. Causes

The problem is caused by circuit itself.

3. Solution

When Line break or device short-circuit, check the circuit connection is correct or not, then we should change the correct circuit, short circuit wiring should be replaced.

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