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Cement silo and concrete batching plant complement each other, it effectively improves the concrete production efficiency. However, when users purchase the concrete batching plant, many person have ignored problems to build cement silo, resulted in the overall effect, caused benefit damage. So CamelWay Machinery make detailed information about building cement warehouse for you.

1. The cement silo location

① Pay attention to the distance between residential areas nearby, you can not have an impact on the lives of the residents.

② Avoid fiber optical cable, pay attention to security issues.

2. Construction Foundation

① Before the construction, do a strict foundation plan, in conjunction with the cement silo height, weight, leg height. The depth of foundation pit is not only to based on properties of cement silo itself, but also according to the combination of environment and natural climate.

② In the construction of the foundation, be sure to find professionals, strictly in accordance with the foundation plan.

③Personals are not allowed to modify the foundation map, if it is not appropriate, the foundation plan can be held in the meeting;

④ Do not to build in rainy day;

⑤ If we finished building foundation, cement silo installation encountered rainy weather, just quit, until the weather is sunny. Next time before installation, re-check the foundation for the sake of safety;

⑥ Above these are all completed, then install the cement silo.

Cement silo preparatory work is the first step to use cement silo, only good foundation can guarantee following working smoothly carried out.

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